Common Questions We Are Asked

How much do you require as a deposit for my wedding?
We require a specified amount of the total price as a deposit which locks your date. The remainder of the payment is due 2 weeks before wedding. We do offer payment plan options as well.

Do you travel outside Santa Clarita?
We love to travel! Although a travel fee may be worked into the final price, we do travel domestically as well as internationally for weddings, portrait, and video shoots.

What are your payment methods?
We accept cash, personal checks, Venmo, Chase QuickPay, and PayPal. (Some fees may apply for PayPal payments)

Do you retouch our images?
Every image that we give you goes through our preliminary color correction and tonal adjustments. Images chosen for your album or wall prints may go through additional creative editing at the photographer’s discretion. 

Can we have the RAW and unedited images?
We pride ourselves on the experience that we give our clients and when clients purchase from us, they are purchasing the entire host of services that we offer, which includes our expertise and eye when it comes to how we post process the images that we take. While we work with you on a specific look you might want, we do not give out RAW and unedited files.

Do I get the full resolution images?
Depending on the package that you purchase, you absolutely can!

If I did not answer your question above, feel free to toss us an email with your question and we will get an answer for you! Be sure to talk with your Santa Clarita Photographer about your special day.

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