South Dakota - A Journey Through The Black Hills

Saturday, July 25, 2015


South Dakota - A Journey Through The Black Hills

There are very few places that I have gone to visit that I can say honestly surprised me. Usually I am wowed by a place because of the expectation that it is going to be amazing. However, in 2010 when my parents told me that we were going to the Black Hills in South Dakota, you could hear a pin drop. Really? Of all the places to spend our time you select the middle of nowhere?

Boy was I in for a treat. That vacation turned out to be one of the most beautiful and relaxing vacations I had ever been on. Perhaps it was because the expectation was set low, but regardless, I loved it! So much so that this year the family went back, and I got to take my beautiful bride and our son on the trip with us! We even did something new by taking a midnight ghost tour of the famously haunted Hotel Alex Johnson where we stayed our last night in Rapid City.

From our first night in Deadwood, to the mammoth excavation site in Hot Springs, to the amazing fireworks shot in Custer and my early morning runs around the Custer hills and trees, we had a blast. The green pastures absolutely did not disappoint and the mood is so calming out in the Black hills. Mount Rushmore was absolutely a site to see in all of its majesty. This was also Jaden's first big trip and his longest plane ride yet! Which, of course, he managed like a champ.

Enjoy our trip as we document through the green hill of the Black hill in south Dakota.

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