Roxie & John at Oak Park Community Center

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Roxie & John at Oak Park Community Center

Through mutual friends, the two went to lunch and dinner together several times. Eventually Jon got Roxie’s number and they started having lunch dates of their own on a very regular basis. Roxie and Jon went from hardly knowing each other in February of 2014 and started dating shortly after the two of them graduated college in May of 2014.

The two are both from the SCV/Ventura County area, so it was very convenient that they were able to graduate college down in Riverside county and still stay close afterwards. Once they both graduated life set in and it was time to start really thinking about the future and making some “big life choices”. Jonathan landed a full time job a few months after he graduated, and it wasn’t very long after that that he proposed to Roxie on Valentine’s day 2015.

One common interest that the two of them have, and one of the reasons why they both met, is music. Roxie was a music major in college, and although Jonathan wasn’t majoring in music, he comes from a very musical family and it has always been a big part of his life. It was their mutual enthusiasm for the music they were singing in choir that started conversation during their senior year in college. Jonathan has perfect pitch, and Roxie often teases that that’s what initially attracted her to him, and is one of the things she loves about him most.

Jon and Roxie now live in SCV. They attend a local church where they sing in the choir, which is actually how they found out about Shed Light Photography in the first place! The two are excited for what this next chapter in life holds and couldn’t be happier.

We also had the pleasure of shooting their wedding video, so check that out here!

Enjoy these two love birds and if you or anyone you know needs a Santa Clarita wedding photographer, don't hesitate to give us a call!



Florist: Yamaguchi’s Flowers

Videographer: Shed Light

Band/DJ: Energetic Productions – Marcus Campbell

Caterer: Family – Kim Payne

Cake: Kim Payne

Brides Shoes: Guess

Grooms Suit: Friar Tux

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