Lake Tahoe Vacation

Friday, August 9, 2013


Lake Tahoe Vacation

I know the posts haven't been coming out as often as you would like, but that is because I have been busy! And that is a GREAT thing! The next few posts that I will be doing will be regarding the things that i have actually been up to!

First off, let’s start with my vacation. Over the fourth of July, I got to go up to Lake Tahoe with my lovely wife, and what a time it was! We saw some beautiful scenery and just had a blast with my brother and his girlfriend. I took some time off from being a Marketing Manager and a Santa Clarita wedding photographer to be a husband and friend and those times I always enjoy. Do you ever notice that the vacation is never enough?

We put ourselves up in a little Super 8 motel and got to go out on a boat, do some beautiful hikes, and hang out at the Casino. The best part? THE LAKE. Just see for yourself!

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