Coasting Through The Kona Coast

Friday, December 11, 2015


Coasting Through The Kona Coast

Green Rain forests, warm ocean water, and awesome culture are just some of the things that you get when visiting the island of Hawaii. This summer, Amber, Jaden, and I were able to travel to the island of Kona with Amber's family. This was my first time to the island and aside from lava rock EVERYWHERE, it was a very nice vacation! This was also the longest plane ride that Jaden has been on. Even South Dakota wasn't this long! Once we arrived, we were grateful to get off the plane as Jaden was gettng fussy, but on the way back he slept practically the whole way!

While in Kona, we drove across the island, saw some beautiful water falls and green forests, gazed at the never ending volcano mountains that go up into the clouds, and even swam with sea turtles! Our time share was on a golf course right by the sea and we found our way to some blow holes in the rocks which was pretty neat! I made a point to run in the mornings so I didn't get lazy, and the warm island air met me with love. I love getting away to a place like that. WE even made our way to a Luau! Needless to say, Jaden's first island experience was a blast for him and he love to travel!

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